Question Minimized Virus Strategy for Gaming Rig


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Nov 18, 1999
Per title, I'm building a new rig that will be used primarily for flight simulation and a HTPC. I want the min amount of TSR virus type programs running in the background for max FPS and max stability. What programs or strategy is recommended in this context? The machine will only be dialing in very select websites etc...

I'm assuming Win10 firewall with very smart browsing and email usage and a good Malware program or 2 to help clean up any issue. What is considered the best virus protection nowadays anyway? I wouldn't mind having McAffee or something installed but disabled until specific times I want to turn it on for a deep level scan.

Jul 27, 2020
Heard good things about Bitdefender. Though I rely on Windows Defender myself and try not to visit suspicious looking URLs. Change your DNS to or and most malicious URLs won't even resolve for you, saving you at least from the possibility of getting infected by them.

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Jan 27, 2022
Use Linux.

Personally I run without AV because it slows down the system and if you don't blindly open attachments you're safe. If someone wants to attack your system no program is 100% effective. It's usually a lot faster to just wipe and reinstall since nvme drives take so little time.

If you have dual drives move the program files folders to the other drive or split your drive into 2 partitions an do the same. Then the only thing you have to reinstall is the os. Windows with patches doesn't inherently use too much space.