Question Mini-ITX Build for daily use and Video Editing


Jun 3, 2006
So ....
I don't need a new system, I just want to build one and I have some extra computer parts.
I want to build a water cooled, small form factor system that uses water to cool both the GPU and CPU. I'm considering mini-ITX. Maybe a phantek evolv shift xt as a case OR O11D MINI? I'm not married to it.
My current rig needs to lie on it's side under a sloped roof and it is causing some issues for shedding heat. I want to go small form factor so it fits the space better and has more open area around it to move heat. The size of the area is base 24x24 inches and height of 10.5 inches. The shorter the case the taller it can be since it is under a sloped roof.

The new build will become my daily computer. Web browsing, youtube, etc.
I've also recently been using premiere rush to edit gopro footage and lightroom for large still images. In the near future I'm going to have to learn Premiere and I will be editing 360 footage as well.
I play STO, Diablo, COH, none of which need that much power. I use MSFS while streaming though, to teach basic principles to flight students.

The parts I already have are an ASUS Dual 3070 and a Samsung 970 1TB NVME M.2. I typically buy AMD processors but I have no issues with using Intel. It seems like Intel is slightly better for video editing. I'm planning to buy a bykski water block for the 3070 since it seems to be the only custom one available.
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