Migrating old hard drive w/ windows 7 into Skylake (and newer unsupported ) platforms


Apr 5, 2005
Long story short- i have an HTPC setup w/ Windows 7 on an ivy bridge platform that i would like to upgrade to kaby lake or coffee lake platform. i've moved this hard drive several times already, but always on another ivy bridge platform, either a NUC or a different motherboard manufacturer but same chipset w/o issue (have to reactivate but no problem). Has anyone tried moving a windows 7 install to a newer unsupported platform like skylake and above? What kind of issues did you guys encounter?


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Oct 25, 1999
Main problem are the Drivers.

So... make sure that you have a second computer to connect to the Internet so you can find Drivers of Win 7 when needed save to install on the Kabey Lake.

I am using Win 7 that was moved from ivy to to Kabe Lake.

New computer Intel Core i7-7700K on GIGABYTE B250M-DS3H-CF

Main problem are the Drivers.

As a first step I had to use a simple old USB mouse with USB to PS2 adapter since the USB did work with newer USB Mouse.

Then Installed Intel;

General Intel for Win7 Kaby


And LAN drivers if needed.


P.S. I lost the URLs but I found the solution and downloads by Searching the Internet.

I also has problems with the SATA recognizing the SSD, but I think that it was due to using a the Win 7 SSD from computer that was on IDE instead of ACHI. I manged to take care of it by changing few registry subkeys.