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Might the zombie apocalypse be a coming? The Trump-ers against everyone else?


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Feb 1, 2008
Every day we watch in disbelief as Trump completely devastates our American institutions.
And his followers, that 33 percent, following along in step with every Donald Trump effort to dismantle, corrupt, then destroy our most sacred institutions.
We have one side, those 66 percent, helplessly and hopelessly looking on in shock and in disbelief at what is happening before their very eyes.
Wondering if this insanity will ever end?
Wondering if there can be any hope?

This reminds me of some zombie apocalypse between the fragile remains of society vs the total annihilation of society as we know it.
The beginnings of an all out war against this zombie apocalypse attack upon society.
A war for survival.
The sane ones going up against the insane brain feeders.
Zombie brain-feeders, an cult-like group of individuals consisting of some 33 percent that would gladly tear down institutions that Americans fought and died for.
Preferring instead to follow their brain feeding leader in exchange for..... in exchange for what?

Donald Trump has no idea what he is doing. But do they?
His 33 percent?
Are they as Trump? Have their brains been fed upon?
Are we living within our own zombie-like apocalypse of modern time?
One side embracing racist, bigotry, immoral views?
An Apocalypse enabling protection for the lowest of the low within America?
The Trump zombies, a seemingly once decent, moral, Christian people, then they allowed Donald Trump to feed on their brains.
While the other side, those 66 percent remaining, still believe in justice, decency, equality, acceptance, and understanding.
And still believing in America as our founding fathers intended.

Could this come to the point where we as a nation become so divided that one side feels endangered?
That 66 percent endangered by the 33 percent?
The very own real life zombie apocalypse?

Why the zombie apocalypse comparison?
Well, as with your typical zombie that overtakes a normal human body and feeds on the brain, we now have Christians themselves along with their once cherished Christian beliefs turning away to take up allegiance with the most un-Christian immoral un-Holy of them all.
Donald Trump.

Those we would least expect to sign into and unto racism, bigotry, hatred, and the demonizing of others are willingly and eagerly signing up.
To turn away from the beliefs they were taught and brought up on, once believed in, that so called morality of being a Christian.
To turn their back against everything they considered decent and moral in exchange for a leader as immoral, and as indecent as any third world dictator.
To turn away and blindly follow. That old zombie apocalypse effect, as it were.

Just listen and watch the daily shock-fest coming out of this Whitehouse.
The media, our free press, our institutions all under attack.
All targeted and disgraced on a daily basis.
An administration and this 33 percent so in bed with communist leaders such as Putin and the Soviet Union, that the other 66 percent can only stand by in shock and in total disbelief.
Corruption from the highest of this administration.
Corruption so corrupt that even Richard Nixon would turn over in his grave.

This continuing perversion and obscenity has become the freak show of all freak shows.
Where typically moral decent Christian people have willingly turned into Trump zombies.
Eat my brains, please Sir...
They have willingly turned into racist.
Willingly turned into the friend and enabler of the Neo Nazi.
Typically decent, moral, god fearing Christian people now turned into an abomination of biblical proportions.

Yes.... this has become so bad that one might take this as unwritten, yet to be written, biblical scripture.
The yet to be recorded prophecy of biblical doom.
The bible consists of some 66 books. Could we be living within the yet to be written 67th?
Might there be one more book yet to add?
The book of scripture one might read about and ask, "did this really happen?"
"Could an entire Christian people have surrendered their very salvation for an immoral man of material wealth?"

How then can one describe what is now happening within America today?
And why would the least expected people have signed into this Trump insanity?
Signed up with the most unmoral indecent individual?
Forget that Donald Trump is president, just consider him as an mortal man.
Not a god. Not a leader. Only an flawed individual.
Then consider that 33 percent of America have traded all their moral worth to follow an individual consumed with hate, bigotry, racism, with absolutely no regard for what America stands for.
And with no respect for what it took to get here.
Along with the cost in flesh and blood it took get us here.
33 percent of once decent god fearing Americans, presumably god fearing, have now tossed all of that aside.
And for what, exactly?

Is this our zombie apocalypse? The 33 percent against the 66 percent?
Where only one of the two percentages will survive?
At what point will that 66 percent realize they are entering their point of no return?
And more importantly, realize the very survival of America and our American institutions are at risk?
The very survival of our democracy.

When zombies are taking over, how does one survive that apocalypse?
Because... if that 66 percent fail to think of something fast, and I mean like right now, then decent self respecting brains will become zombie delicacy.

We went through the civil war to save, preserve, protect, and defend democracy.
And to save the country.
To resist bigotry and racism.
To protect and ensure equality for all American.
NOW..... I suppose we must take on this zombie apocalypse as well....
And in the mean time day by day as brains come ever closer to exploding from what brains are witnessing from this zombie brain feeding leader in chief and his 33 percent, all I can say is LOOK OUT FOR YOUR BRAINS!
Your brain is the only defense between you being you, and you becoming one of THEM!
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