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Discussion in 'Windows' started by Awebster, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Hi, I am having a really strange issue, basically, since Thursday 2 users are struggling to open a project document correctly but one user is able to open the document correctly and use it fine. They are all running the same versions of office and patched equally. I have tried uninstalling, ccleaning and reinstalling project on one of the faulty machines but still having no luck at all. It is a really difficult situation to explain but basically the drop-down options aren't working for one column. Now it wouldn't be a problem to recreate the options, we tried this but after closing and opening the document a couple more times the problem returned on 2 of the 3 machines that use the file. I have tried to repair ms project file, and a couple of versions of the document, one from Thursday when it was working and also I tried as a test restoring the oldest version of the document in shadow copy but they both had the same problem. If anyone could help it would be most appreciated. I have also attached 2 screenshots to try and explain the situation a bit better.

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    Not all MS Project files can be handled, but most of all with the help of Open&Repair

    Others via special data recovery software, only 3-5 solutions are popular, but there is new one Project Repair Kit it allows via to work with any .mpp file sizes on most popular platforms.

    But probably classic repair mode might help you...

    1. Save the corrupted file as an .xml file and close the file
    2. Ask your Project Server administrator to delete the project from the Project Server database
    3. Open the .xml project file
    4. Click File - Save As and save the file as an .mpp file
    5. Import the .mpp file into the Project Server database using Tools - Enterprise Options - Import Project to Enterprise