Microsoft in bed with Uncle Sam?


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Jun 10, 2001
News Article.

Some of my favorite parts of this article:

On Wednesday, the Bush administration is scheduled to publish its proposal to increase the security of the Internet. Properly titled the "National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace," it's said to talk with great earnestness about helping home users safeguard their computers, about thwarting online intrusions into business systems, and about providing better training to federal network administrators.

But, according to people familiar with the draft report, it pays scant attention to Microsoft, which has been responsible for more online security woes than any other company in history.

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Such an omission would be glaring. Intentional design choices and unintentional bugs in Microsoft Windows, Outlook, Word and Explorer have created vulnerabilities so numerous they've become legendary. Shoddy default settings have practically begged intruders to plunder Windows-equipped PCs. Any serious look at Internet security has to start with the world's largest software company.

Computer Economics, a research firm, estimated early this year that the cost for four Windows-based infections--Nimda, Code Red, SirCam and Love Bug--was perhaps $13 billion. And Microsoft IIS servers are typically defaced at perhaps four times the rate of servers running open-source Apache software.

Rodger, whose employer has been critical of Microsoft during the antitrust case, says: "The larger question, which the government seems to be ignoring, is, why aren't we looking at the problems caused by a monoculture, a single operating system which serves as a single point of failure on the Internet? If there are 60,000 Windows viruses, fewer than 100 Mac viruses, and maybe a dozen Unix viruses, why aren't the problems with Windows an issue?"


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Mar 20, 2000
i guess since OE is tied to windows and most people are too lethargic (and stupid) to try anything else you could call those 60,000 windows viruses. but most are probably outlook express or macro viruses. still, it has more. by a lot. part of its the popularity. the other is the ease.