Info Mici 92 Pajero restoration start


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Dec 27, 2017

Unwanted early restoration start

I got a message few days ago how is my new Mici doing and where is my restoration as i promised. Actually, i didn't started until recently because i had no 4x4 for a long time and was kind of enjoying driving it. Made over 2000km in those few weeks, mainly in heavy offroad, as even to reach my house is sometimes impossible without good 4x4.

I actually even got another car (76 bug) to restore first, but there has been different plans set up for me.

Once i was driving and there started screeching noise from the engine bay. As my water pump is close to new, i was afraid what it was, it was clearly belt noise. When i opened the trunk seen that alternator is seized. Yes, the weather is tough here. I cut the belt to make it home. It is a diesel after all, no need for power once its run.


At home removed the air filter and discovered that there is actually a (vacuum?) pump on the alternator it self as well. Never seen it before. So not sure which is seized at this moment. Anyway after seeing few other parts, like hacked up water pipe, it looks like a bigger project is beginning than i originally thought it will be.
Who does crap like this when we have custom pipings available?


I will not spam you here with every detail, you can gladly follow my blog if you care. But time to time i will add some progress :).

Have a good day!
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