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Michelle Obama comments on how Trump's birtherism put her family in danger

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Jul 11, 2001
He's pretty flexible........around Puti, he may even put his legs behind his ears for his next date with Puti.
I hear that he was damned sycophantic with Puti. I didn't watch. Couldn't stand to watch, folks. Everything he does infuriates me so I try to not pick up on it directly. I won't read his tweets, watch him deliver his whatever. He's anathema to me. It's funny... other people hang on his every word and I can't bear to hear or see him deliver it.

So, I can only imagine how he kissed and licked Putin's ass... I did NOT witness it. Most distasteful. :)


Jan 8, 2010
I'm really glad she said outright that she'll never forgive Trump for doing that. After he loses in 2020 (or God forbid, gets termed out in 2024) there will be a lot of events where the Obamas and Trumps would be expected to mingle and socialize. I hope that's impossible and never happens.
I'm usually pretty live and let live, but I'm really hoping he goes by aneurysm or heart attack before then.
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