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Message to the resellers in the Hot Deals Forum/Question for Mods


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Jun 5, 2000
Frankly, I am sick and tired of the few people in the Hot Deals forum that takes the deals, milk them dry, and resell them on eB@y. (webviper, lucky, etc.)

The Hot Deals forum is intended to save money for the people who actually need the products that are cheap, but these people, when the find a deal, buy so much that the deal often ends because of:

1. A stock limited item intended to save money for those who need it runs out of stock because these selfish and greedy maniacs buy all of them for them selves, so that the people who actually need them can not benefit from the deal, and must buy from them.

2. A misprice which the seller might have honored is over used by these resellers, forcing the vender not to honor the misprice, and therefore killing a deal which mighthave gone through if only the people who needed the item has bought.

3. A promotion ends early or does not become effective because these people milked them too much, causing the company offering the promotion to lose too much money and killing the promotion which might have benefited the people who actually needed it.

I think that most of the trouble with Hot Deals can be attributed to the resellers, and therefore action is neccessary.

1. Not allowing direct posting of Hot Deals, instead only e-mail the deals to persons who are trusted to buy one of each item only.

2. More effectively, simply make a website for newbie eB@yers to get in on Hot Deals, and make a list of the sellers who uses these Hot Deals to cheat them out of their money. Then post the website and a brief message on to the eB@y forums asking the eB@yers to avoid these sellers.

That should help alleviate the problem a little, although there would always be selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate, greedy, and parasitc people among us.

___Note to Mods___

1. If any of the content here is deemed inappropirate, I apoligze, and feel free to edit this message.

2. Can I move this topic to the Hot Deals forum, where it would be more fitting?



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Jan 10, 2000
wedesdo, and who is a trusted member?

hell im sure i could tell you i only bought one of any item but in reallity i bouth around 50. how will you know i am not lying. honestly man, this has been going on for the longest time, just deal with it.