Memory problem, suggestions welcome


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May 23, 2003
My girlfriend was having problems with her computer crashing and generally acting unstable(it's older - Duron 600 Mhz with 320 MB of PC133 RAM). The problems just appeared one day for no reason, so I suspected the RAM was going bad. Tested it out with Memtest86, and sure enough, errors were generated.

Now, the system was using 3 sticks - 2x128 MB and 1x64 MB. If you run Memtest with just 1 of the sticks in (any of them) no errors are generated. If you run Memtest with 1x 128 and 1x64, no errors are generated. If you run the test with 2x 128, it generates errors; as well as 2x 128 and 1x64. (Yes, all the slots in the motherboard were tested as well)

In short, the 2 128 sticks don't get along. Either works fine on their own, or with the 64 MB stick. But if you put them in together, they start generating errors. They worked fine together for months previous to this. All the problems started maybe 2 weeks ago.

Anyone seen this before or have any suggestions? Right now I have her running with 1x128 and 1x64, because it's stable again that way.


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May 16, 2002
Power supply going ? See if you can swap yours for hers and see what happens. Also, try in different slots. In 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 2 and 3. Maybe a slot went bad. If she has four slots for memory total, then try all the combinations.