Member of Account Operators can't make changes to all user accounts


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Nov 10, 2004
I was finally given access to be a member of Account Operators so I can handle basic account issues (password resets, unlocking accounts..ect). I can login to the DC through RDP and access AD just fine but I can't make any changes to some of the accounts. Everything is grayed out. It seems that the only accounts I can make changes to are ones that were created after I was given access. In trying to reset the password of one of these accounts I get the Access is Denied message. My network admin is stumped so he hasn't put much more effort into this.


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Oct 2, 2001
Accounts that were created after you were given access..

Is that accounts you have created or any admin?

Are they in the same or different OUs?

Are the users you are editing members of admins\domain admins group?

Also why do you need to RDP the DC?