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Media NAS?

Oct 25, 2008
Hello all!

I am planning to put together a NAS and was looking at the Synology DS218+ (around $500 on Amazon.ca) and 2 x Western Digital Red 8TB (around $359 each at Canada Computers). I want to be able to access documents and media from anywhere very easily, and I liked Synology's features and what I've heard about the brand.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this little build or does it seem okay?

Thank you in advance!
Aug 25, 2001
Sounds good to me, for a "First NAS" setup. I don't have direct experience with Synology, but I have heard them recommended often, along with QNAP. I have several QNAP units, as well as some Lenovo/EMC, and unRaid.

As a somewhat-experienced NAS user, now I'm looking at larger NAS units (5/8-bay), having started with single-disk units, moving to a dual-bay unit (with RAID1), and then moving to a 4-bay, with RAID5. (UnRAID box has 8 bays. Gotta love FM2.)
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