McCain Can't Quit John Hagee

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Oct 17, 1999
Originally posted by: ericlp

I'm kinda tired of listening to the "D's" religious picks.... I think it was posted on here A lot!!!

How about we find out who the "R's" are picking! Funny as no one seems to care about who McCain "proud and honored..." I don't get it... How could you even consider to vote for McCain after watching this?

Got to admit when your endorsed by a current failed US president and then you readily and eagerly WANT to be endorsed by a totally whacked out nut job....???????

Just goes to show you how screwed up this country is... Esp, when hagee says crap like....... If you don't vote for mccain and when judgment day comes... Basically the underlying message is... If you don't vote republican then your not going to heaven.

I guess no one sees a problem with this!!!!
The Republicans have been getting a pass on this type of crap since Reagan.