Mazda3 2006 issues and really could use some input please!

Shannon VanLaanen

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Sep 23, 2017
My car is an automatic with manual option (slap stick with + & -) and was recently in a somewhat rough front passenger accident. It could of been worse though! I spent over $1200 to replace all the front and parts ( to my knowledge) then a friend was nice enough to help me out and paid a little over $400 on top of what I paid. I noticed is what still running rough ( while in automatic the rpm would get up high, didnt have the power like it did before when accelerated & seemed a little louder and vibrations from front end) but anyways, I put some oil in then left about an hour later to pick up my mother. Right before I got there, I forgot I put it in manual (in automatic is seemed like it was causing the rpm to go up and get a little rough sounding as accelerating) and was stopped at a light and forgot to shift from 1st and the rpm went way up and the car reaved up alot til I threw it in next year. As we were leaving her work, I noticed a lot of smoke pouring from the exhaust. Made it home thankfully and noticed what looked like oil slightly coming out of my exhaust. I'm a single mom of 3, just bought this car in February & had nothing but bad luck... Just wanted to hear some suggestions on what it could be & if expansive so I know what I'm facing.. I appreciate any ideas and suggestions! Thanks
Feb 25, 2011
Smoke coming from the exhaust could be either oil burning (a lot of it, too, since a little bit you probably couldn't see) or coolant leaking (in which case it's water vapor.) They smell very different.

Realistically, either is very expensive to fix. (Requiring a partial or complete tear-down and rebuild of the engine to replace gaskets/seals - and that's assuming it's even fixable. If it's due to a crack in the block, you are very much hosed.)

It's entirely possible that something engine-ey was damaged after the collision but nobody noticed right away.

Did you report the accident and go through insurance to get the repairs done? You should probably have had your car totaled out anyway. I would be talking to them.
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Aug 11, 2001
Whether it is oil or coolant, you're risking damaging the catalytic converter(s) by continuing to drive it. I mean if it's not bad I might drive a small distance to the repair shop to diagnose and repair but that's about it.

Check the oil and coolant levels. Do not drive it if the oil has turned a chocolate milkshake color which is a sign of coolant contamination and could ruin the engine if driven.