Maybe trying to find a new home for some GPUs, CONUS only, please. (Withdrawn)


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Aug 25, 2001
Have a selection of GTX 1660 ti and GTX 1660 Super cards. Even used, these are going for $500 BIN.

Will sell for less to a DC'er that will put them to good use. Asking $400 shipped each to CONUS (or make offer for qty.), please give me a decent amount of time to remove from mining rigs, pack, and ship. My mobility and stamina, not so good lately.

LMK, how many and what kind you want, I will try to accommodate. I have 7 GTX 1660 ti, and 5 GTX 1660 Super. They both have 6GB of GDDR6.

Edit: Condition: Well-used and mined on, but functional. Guaranteed non-DOA. These cards have NOT been "refurbished", re-pasted, etc. Straight out of the mining rigs. Other than non-DOA, they are AS-IS and AS AVAILABLE.

I reserve the right to cancel this offer or void the sale at any time (though, any Paypal paid will be refunded if sale is voided, but customer already paid.)

Edit: NO box / manual / warranty card / sticker / CD.

Edit: I believe last year, my 5-card GTX 1660 ti rig was doing 3.8-4.0 Mil PPD in F@H (with either 4 or 5 cards running, I was CPU-limited with that many cards with just an i5-6400 in the mining rig.)

Edit: I guess it's been 24hr, no responses, so I've re-considered, and am retracting my offer, sorry.
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Jan 29, 2014
Random question but do you have any older FirePro card's? I'm looking for something for Milkyway@Home w/ decent double precision. Literally only for DC 24/7 use - no gaming.