Question Maxwell vs Polaris GPU vs Intel iGPU video encoding capabilities.


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Jun 11, 2023
Hello folks;

I hope that someone has experience with this:
I would like to do some video encoding/recoding.
Not in a professional or intensive way: I am talking about encoding/recoding yearly vacation videos and maybe copying some DVD videos to disk. That is all.
I purchased a license for WinX DVD Ripper and WinX HD Video Converter for this.
This software has support for hardware GPU encoding, so I hope to be able to use this.

The PC has an Intel Core i5 8400 CPU ( 8th gen Coffee Lake ) , so a 6-core, 6-thread CPU with a built-in GPU: Intel® UHD Graphics 630.
I could use the Core I5's integrated GPU for video encoding, but I also have 2 old GPUs laying around:
- A Geforce GTX 745 2GB - this is a Maxwell first gen GPU.
- An AMD RX550 4GB - this is a Polaris based GPU.

Now comes my question:
Does anybody know which would be best for my case? Which GPU has the best video encoding capabilities?
So the Intel Core i5 integrated GPU UHD Graphics 630, the Maxwell-based GTX 745, or the Polaris-based RX550?

As I said, I will only do occasional light video encoding/recoding, so I am not going to buy a new GPU for this.
I know that the Turing/Ampere-based GPU have the best video encoder, but I'm not going to spend hundreds of Dollars on a GPU for this.

Does anyone have knowledge about the video encoding capabilities of these 3 GPUs?
And which would you choose?

Many thanks in advance, and have a great day;
Carl Philip


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Aug 22, 2001
Your chosen program supports Intel quick sync video, so I'd just use the UHD 630. The 745 doesn't support H.265 so that can keep gathering dust. The 550 supports it, but why install it, when the iGPU is probably faster at the task?
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