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Masters of Systems Engineering...what do you think?


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Nov 12, 2000
Well, the longer I wait to go back to school the harder it will be, so I may as well just go for it. I graduated with an undergrad in Aerospace Engineering this past December and will be going back either January or August (depending on how the class schedule works out). Most of the work I do now is a mix of design, tech program management, and interface control.

I was planning on going back for a systems engineering degree for a few reasons.

1) I dont want to go too deep into a single technical field since I ultimatly want to do management related work (in either engineering or economics)

2) I think it would compliment what I am doing now and allow me to broaden my knowledge

3) It would prevent me from becoming overly focused as I am more of a "forest" guy than a "trees" guy

I was just wondering if anyone here has a degree in systems engineering and can give me some insight. I also plan to go back after this and get a degree in economics or something else business oriented.


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Oct 9, 1999
In my experience, a systems engineer was someone who's original background was in some form of engineering (EE, ME, whatever), and they got a slight promotion to systems engineer after having worked with other engineering disciplines long enough to look for potential complications when bringing the different sub-assemblies together. It was more a technical management area.


Mar 31, 2003
Pft, I'm a system's engineer and the closest thing I have to an engineering background is playing with Lionel Trains and taking a class called "software engineering" that covered best practices of software project management.