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Massive anti-corruption protests in Brazil just continue to grow and grow

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Nov 8, 2012
These are like the occupy protests - they don't have a point.
I've actually been meaning to ask this - how is this comapred to Occupy? Because Occupy was complete retardation.

Does the US ever stand a chance if we actually did need to revolt in full against our government? Or would we just sit at home and Tweet about it or set up tents in a park?


Mar 19, 2007
And the problem with capitalism is that eventually too much money belongs to too few. It's a mathematical inevitability.

And the problem with pure communism is that it removes incentive to excel.

All economic systems have inherent problems. That's why the government is supposed to be a safeguard against abuse, not a lubehouse for corruption like it is in the US.


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Jul 10, 2006
Technically yes but it's horrible. Anyone wanting serious healthcare buys private insurance similar to HMOs here.
That's actually not a bad plan IMO, although Spain clearly does it better. Everyone gets health care rationed by wait times and availability; those who so wish and can afford it get better health care rationed by cost.


Oct 10, 2006
It was 6-7%, iirc. But, even though it has since been rescinded, the protests have taken on a life of their own. People are tired of endemic corruption.
Yep, but sadly these protests are only likely to bring about better, smarter corruption.


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Sep 23, 2011
some heads up...
our government really worked, last week :D

we are going to have a referendum, to vote for new electoral system..
big win here :)

Surprisingly, Brazil also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the continent.
our unemplyment, around 5,8% is one of the lowest in the word ;)

They need to cut welfare and government healthcare.

It sounds like people who want the government to give them more free stuff and not calling for small government.
We at brazil have a bad capitalist culture, the companyes tends to create a cartel, pretty much "join us or die"... btw, our shitty public transport system is privately held.....yep cartel at full swing

our helthcare and welfare is not really a problem, they are reasonable as canadian ones... not stupid like some euro countries :p The corruption in them is the problem... we had only one, yes, one politician arrested by corruption in the last 25 years... and we find problems almost once per month...

impunity is our worst problem, for cartel formation to shitty politicians