Magic Link TV-LA Wireless Video Link $19.99 + Free Ground Shipping.


Mar 27, 2001
Looks like a good deal....ordered me one....

Has anyone bought this item and if so, does it work? Anyone use this with a DSL line??

Production Description:

"The Magic*Linkª TV-TLA is a new video multiplying system. This system is all you need to send ANY video signal, such as your VCR, DVD, Cable TV, Satellite TV, or Video Camera, to all of the telephone jacks in your home for remote viewing. No antennae, no new wires. No RF interference. This easy to use and affordable technology sets a new standard for home entertainment. By using your existing telephone line to send video, you now have an affordable option to re-wiring your home or buying a second VCR or DVD. Enjoy remote viewing of any video RF source NOW! Three easy installation steps.
Families love this! Watch video in the den while normal TV channels on your main TV are un-interrupted!"