Question MacBook Air replacement?


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Jan 2, 2020
I have an old 2013 MacBook Air 13" with a bad screen and bad battery that I want to replace (i5-4250U 1.3GHz Passmark CPU 3372). It has been fantastic with all my required properies:
-light (<1.4kg)
-very good battery life (12h when new)
-absolutely quiet in idle
-good keyboard
-very good trackpad
-16:10 screen

A new computer has to be the same or better! Cost should be lower than $2k for a 16GB 512GB configuration.

I use it 90% for reading on internet. I also use it for testing out Windows and Linux.

On sale, I just bought a new Windows Laptop Lenovo Yoga C740 with a 10th gen i5-10210U (CPU passmark 8450). Unfortunately the keyboard is not good so I will return it and I do not think I need a 2 in 1. Battery life was also on the low side (8.5h web browsing at 300nits). I found two finger scrolling not to be as smooth as the Mac, specially when using other internet browsers than Edge. Also the 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen is not so good for reading a lot. But when I tried Virtual box on that PC the regular Ubuntu it seems much much better than on MacBook Air and it will be very good if the new computer can run Ubuntu smoothly using Virtual box and still have >10h battery life!

What new Windows Laptop do you suggest and what processor? Looking at a new 10th gen processor it can be booth 10nm (example i5-1035G5 8901passmark, i7-1065G7 10577passmark) or 14nm+++ (example i7-10510U 10577passmark)?


May 30, 2000
I was considering that but I think not enough battery time, bad keyboard, very expensive if you want better processor & 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD
Then you need the new 16" Macbook pro. Battery life is great, keyboard is now fixed. Yes, it is expensive, but it ticks all of your other boxes.
If I didn't already have a Razer Blade 15, I would get one. You can get the 16" one for $2200 at Amazon or