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Question Lower profile cooler for 7700k in Antec 900 case?


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Oct 22, 2018
So i got this 212 Evo, a og one and well it works out just fine for a stock 7700k. What it doesn't work with is my Antec 900. I know the Antec 900 is dated but a 159mm cooler makes side fan installation impossible. I thought about maybe swapping over to a twin tower that is lower profile perhaps, maybe one with AM4 compatibility but its not essential. Cheaper would be nicer, i just wanna keep the 7700k under 80cel which it rarely hits over 60cel given i only game on it.

Any suggestions? I may do entire 5 fan swapout for one perhaps with some rgb as well, i do love this Antec 900 and its been main focus of many builds right back to 2006.