Question Low power idling server advice


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Feb 21, 2006

I recently bought a Dell r410 server, works great, I have a few VMs on it, TrueNas with 4 sas drives etc.... until I noticed my electric bill! Turns out the thing is using 150W at idle. As I am barely using 5% of the CPU 99% of the time I've decided to sell it and build a home server.

Anyway, my question:

Can anyone give any general advice or recommendations for low power parts for a home server that will, most of the time be idling? The CPU needs to be able to do more than just run TrueNAS for a a couple of users but I'm thinking that any modern CPU will be fine? The only issue is it needs to be able to run 4x SAS drives (6Gbps) but I think I'll get a dell PERC h200 for that. If it can run ECC memory for zfs the better but I doubt I'll get that on consumer hardware.

Really I want the wattage to be as low as possible so I can run it 24/7 guilt free.

Thanks :)


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Aug 25, 2001
QNAP business NAS, with a Xeon CPU (for VMs and such), running their newer/newest "QTS Hero OS" (uses ZFS on Linux). That's probably your best bet for "low idle power", quite frankly.

I don't know how open you are to an "appliance"-type server, though.