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low budget KVM switch MT-VIKI


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Mar 21, 2001

> is anyone familiar with these low budget KVM switches? one has been branded MT-VIKI which is a brand name not a model number which is actually MT-801UK-L the other is generic branded MT-801UK. the VIKI brand offers an external switch box while the 801UK model does not but appears to offer HOT KEY switching ...which, if true would be a more desireable upgraded device ..or so it seems. also i cannot find mention of cables included with any of those model and all of those are shipped from china do not seem to be stocked by USA sellers.. that may be a clue to the "newness" of that particular model. there does not seem to be any clue as to which is the previous build model. eBay item number:332151572554 eBay item number:162082408095 eBay item number:112274439977.
the VIKI seems to be in great supply by TaoBao sellers on this site http://www.aweldaw.com/p-6869227722.html but not the other.