Louisiana Governers Race Defies Stereotypes: A Republican Asian Indian Descent Governor?


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May 22, 2003
from the Washingtonpost

I lived in Louisiana for a bit and would often find myslef as the only person in the room not wearing hunting clothes.

These comments are hilarious:

"Listen, man, we're looking at a guy who's not even from this country! And then we're looking at a woman!" said Jubal Vallot, 38, a handyman in Lafayette sporting tattoo-spangled forearms, a Chevy pickup truck and a fist-size clump of keys at his belt.

Yet at the same time, Jindal has managed to appeal to deeply conservative Louisianans like Vallot, the handyman, a self-confessed Bubba who twice voted for white supremacist David Duke in the '90s -- and said he'd vote for him again if he could. (Duke currently resides in federal prison.) "It's hard to believe I'm even going to look at this man -- at first he almost looked to me like an Iraqi," Vallot said, speaking of Jindal. "But I tell you, he talks so smart, and he's hitting the hammer right on the nailhead."

In fact, Jindal is not from another country; he was born in Baton Rouge shortly after his parents, originally from the Punjab, immigrated to the United States. Named Piyush by his parents, Jindal, when barely a toddler, changed his name to Bobby, taking the name from the youngest of the "Brady Bunch" boys.