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Looking to standardize a W10 HTPC that does OTA tuning/guide


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Dec 8, 2005
For the longest time, my standard HTPC setup I'd build for people looking to roll their own was W7 WMC with the WMC remote. Then I'd add the WMC netflix app, mediabrowser (now emby), and maybe install Kodi as a backup. That worked for pretty much everyone no matter if streaming or OTA tuning was more important to them.

Lately, W10 native streaming apps are taking priority, so I'm to standardize a W10 setup going forward.

1 - Is there a remote that works well with the Windows 10 menu? I know you can get 3rd party apps to reprogram the older WMC remotes, but I'm looking for recommendations on what to buy going forward. Some people are happy with the logitech K400 wireless keyboards, but I'd still like a remote solution for people that are more comfortable with just a remote.

2 - Whats the best W10 based OTA tuner/guide these days? I know SiliconDust has an app, but does it work with random PCIE tv tuners or only the SD network tuners? A lot of my HTPCs are SFF boxes with a $10 PCIE or USB tuner attached.

3 - Any other tips/tricks for a W10 setup? I had a handful of tweaks I'd do on W7 machines (auto login, no hibernation, auto-start WMC, etc). Is there a list or guide for 10? On a few W10 test machines I've set up with standard user profiles, windows goes nuts with the nag screens trying to get you to switch over to a microsoft login. I never figured out how to get that kind of stuff to go away and don't want it doing that to people less savvy.


Mar 27, 2009
That is an interesting question.

Have you thought about ATSC 3.0?

Maybe a PC that could do DVR when working with that?


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Feb 26, 2001
TBH, a windows based box is not the automatic best answer anymore.
I really like the experience of the NVidia Shield with OTA (See my signature)


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Feb 15, 2002
I think at the moment the best OTA computer solutions are;

a) App based where as the hardware device like Tablo or Homerun unit connect to the network and are accessed either via web site or a streaming devices app (full remote support)


b) Using PLEX to access the OTA streamer plus take advantage of DVR solutions added by plex, the control would be what ever you are controlling plex with.