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Question Looking to replace my LG V20, am I on the right path?


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Nov 16, 2006
I am totally open to (and frankly prefer) used phones (Typically use Swappa). Looking preferably for something between $200-$300, but will happily stretch that limit if a strong argument can be made. My carrier is T-Mobile. I'm in the sticks and the signal barely reaches me to begin with, so I doubt 5g would have any sort of meaningful impact on my life, and my usage does not nececcitate high speeds either. My upgrade cycle seems to be almost 3 years to the day as its worked out in the past.

My LG V20 still works and its been a great phone but it's really starting to show it's age. Ghosting/Burn in on the screen is pretty bad 3 years in (I can still see faint outlines of the Swappa page I was on... 15 minutes after leaving that page). The phone got one VERY delayed update to Android 8 some years back and that was it, so OS is pretty out of date. Most importantly, I've found myself leaning on my phone more and more as my primary camera. Recently went on a big vacation and forgot my DSLR, and the V20 had to do the heavy lifting through the trip. Looking at the pictures on my computer after the fact, while the V20 took perfectly acceptable photos, I know a newer phone would have done much better thanks to better lenses and more importantly better software.

What I like about my V20:
- Removable Battery (I know, just forget about that one on newer phones, but I was really able to give my phone a second wind with a much larger aftermarket battery that still fit in the phone's housing)
- Headphone Jack with great sound quality (rarer and rarer nowadays)
- Good size and thickness, relatively easy to hold although the smooth metal could be slippery when hands were dry.
- Great build quality. Have gone caseless for the last year and a half, phone has stood up to a number of drops across a variety of surfaces without nary a crack in the screen. Nice metal hand feel.
- Standard and wide angle lens options. Always nice to have options when taking pictures.

What I use my V20 for:
- Music when exercising or driving
- Photos and Home videos. Usually more casual stuff like snapping an impromptu picture of the kids, but recently getting tasked with being the primary family camera.
- Surfing the web
- Occasionally streaming content.
- Pretty standard app usage (no games, although I'm open to mobile gaming, but more banking/money transfer/Steam/texting type application usage on a daily basis).
- Occasional hotspot for my laptop if I'm in a pinch.

I've been looking at the OnePlus 7T as a good option. Generally goes for a bit shy of $300 in mint condition. Spec upgrade across the board, nice camera layout, 90hz edge to edge screen for better phone feel. Seems like it would be solid although I'd be losing my 3.5mm jack. My Wife has a Pixel 3a XL (can read about the shenanegans that happened with that phone when I bought it here) and its a nice phone that can be had for $150 bucks now, but is really more of a sidegrade than an upgrade in a lot of ways. There always seems to be a slew of Samsung 7/8/9/10 phones out there and while they are popular I've read a LOT of conflicting contradictory stuff about the quality of Samsung phones these days despite their popularity (last few we've had, the legendary S5 and the S6 were perfectly OK phones).

Am I on the right track with the 7T? Is there something I'm missing or is there another must have alternative in the $200-300 price range?