Looking for suggestions on GoPro Hero 9 (and 10) hard shell cases.


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Sep 13, 2001
I upgraded from my Hero 4 Black to the new Hero 10 which is the identical form factor as the 9.

I ordered this case here for it - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G75VJSH

However, it clearly is NOT designed with the 9 or 10 in mind as the title of it implies.

The cutout with the waterproof housing has the button on the wrong side of the case so it doesn't fit unless you try to wedge it in and damage the foam. Additionally, the batteries don't quite fit either and you have to wedge them in. I guess it kind of makes sense since the pictures don't even show a Hero 9.

But that size is perfect for what I want. I just have a small handle grip, dual battery charger, 2 extra batteries, the camera, and then some stuff that I'd put in the zipper pocket like extra screws, mounts, and some underwater filters.

Anyone have any hard shell cases that fit the 9 (and 10) fine that have the hard foam like that? There are some that have little dividers I could probably get however I'd prefer the foam like that one.

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