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Looking for Steam users to help with university research project

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Apr 10, 2016
Hey all!

My name is Ethan Moore. I’m currently working on a project for university (Hull university – England) which I’m basing on the Steam Community and I need some questionnaires to be filled out by Steam users.

It should only take a few minutes of your time, but as an incentive I’m holding a prize draw for those who complete the survey – details of prizes are on the first page of the survey.

Also, for each person who completes the survey and mentions you recommended it to them, you will get one extra entry in the prize draw, so please share this survey with your Steam friends.

We have no way of knowing from your post if this is legitimate, or if this is a phishing scam. You need to make a thread in Moderator Discussions, requesting to the Admins/Forum Directors to allow such a survey to be posted here. If they agree to allow it, they will make an attempt to verify you are who you claim you are. -Admin DrPizza
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