Question Looking for some help with some specific details on the i7-9700E


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Aug 4, 2022
if you have this processor I would be interested in what the windows registry entries are. you can check with regedit>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>HARDWARE>DESCRIPTION>CentralProcessor>0-3

im interested in the following Data values

MHz|REG_DWORD| "this value"
Component Information|REG_BINARY| "this value"
Configuration Data|REG_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR|"this value"
FeatureSet|REG_DWORD|"this value"
Identifier|REG_SZ|"this value"
Patform Specific Field 1|REG_DWORD|"this value"
Previous Update Revision|REG_BINARY|"this value"
ProcessorNameString|REG_SZ|"this value"
Update Revision|REG_BINARY|"this value"
Update Status|REG_DWORD|"this value"
VendorIdentifier|REG_SZ|"this value should be (GenuineIntel)"

if there are other Values listed please include them in the same format
registry format is
Name | Type | Data

I am currently trying to see if I can configure my registry with my unsupportted CPU to tell windows 11 it is of a supported CPU type so when EOL rolls around for win 10 I don't have to spend 6 grand for a comparable gaming rig that has a supported CPU just to maintain Security updates, Honestly couldn't care less about "Feature Updates" but I'm still finding it a really hard pill to swallow that my current gaming rig 4300 at the time of purchase can still run circles around any and every Productivity model PC 400-800 dollar range that is Windows 11 compatible yet my cpu isn't supported by Windows 11 even though my machine craps all over their minimum specs in every way except the CPU generation.

I've chosen the i7-9700E because it has almost identical specs as my processor with a few differences that should be configurable to prevent issues. I understand the risks i am taking with my own machine and will not attempt to hold the provider of such information liable for any damages of any kind.