Question Looking for slight upgrade to Logitech Z323 speakers? (Help)


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Aug 14, 2012
Using Logitech Z323 for the past 7 years. they sounded amazing on my Z170 Gaming 7 board but the chipset on my z390 is not where near as good imo
Using the Creative X3 makes it sound 2.5x better (also more loud)
But I am looking with more pronounced mids and possibly highs? I actually have to turn the bass down where I live cause its too loud so something with just as good or slightly less bass is good

Can anyone recommend anything under $130? Not trying to be blown away just similar performance to Z323 wish I love but with way better mids looking for something that sounds crips and pops

I am open to Studio Monitor speakers (never heard one before) but It would have to be small in size! preferably not bigger than 10-13 inches tall and like maybe 5-7 inches deep. I don't have a lot of room on my desk.

Appreciate it. Any suggestions I can get. Thank you!

EDIT: Prefer to stay between 60 to 80watts max
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