Question Looking for OPNsense people


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Oct 22, 2004
I ended up with a spare ITX system because the mood truck me (I built 3 of them for some reason) and I decided that it was time to move my home network into something more than my Asus router setup. I installed OPNsense since it seemed pretty cool but then I abandoned the project.

So I want to dust it off and put it to use in my network. I am on 1 GB/s cable and have an Asus mesh setup (nodes are wired) that works pretty well with a few Procurve switches to connect everything together. I plan to let the Asus continue to do the wireless work on the network. I just want the cool reporting of a real firewall solution along with the same or better protections.

Before I go fiddling with things and accidentally let the bad guys in, does anyone have recommendation on a "starter" guide/config for OPNsense? I am not even sure that I will have the same basic firewall that I get with my Asus if I put the OPNsense in line with IDSP/IPS signatures enabled or if I need to actually build a bunch of rules first.


Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
I would point you to Serve the Home forums for something like this. Most over there tend to be PFSense, but there are quite a few who have recently jumped to OPNsense.