Looking for mATX case.


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May 18, 2000
Anyone know of a decent looking cube (Shuttle-like) shape mATX case out there? Every case I've seen in this form factor is ugly as sin.
I know this is subjective but damm, all the ones I've seen are exceptionally ugly!


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Apr 28, 2000
Problem is, to get a cube like Shuttle you have to go even *smaller* than uATX! Mini-ITX it's called.
I compared a very small uATX case, the InWin L545, which is a very good case - to the Shuttle cubes.
The InWin was almost twice the footprint... if you're going to be carrying it around at all, you can't fit it into a laptop bag and it won't really fit under one arm, it's too long and too wide for that. If you just want to take up less desk space, it's grand! It's got a decent power supply and quiet fans and it's cheap, you can't go wrong. If you're only going to move it around once in a blue moon, again, it's good.

OTOH, if you plan on moving the thing around quite a bit, like once a week or so, you'll find the Shuttle and its equivalents like the Qbic, Icube, Gbox and others all a much handier size and shape. Some even have handles built right on top. :)



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Aug 27, 2002
I've been looking, too, and can't find anything really good. The best I have found is that Inwin and the Enermax CS-10073. Also, I like the Lian Li PC31, but, really, it's a small ATX case. Haven't really seen a cube-type, though; best you can do is a desktop form factor. Maybe build your own out of acrylic...