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Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by TridenT, Oct 18, 2017.

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    So, I figure I still need a 650W PSU. I'm still rocking the Corsair TX750 I've had for the last 9-10 years and it's been ol' faithful here but I am looking to change it up and get something at Platinum or Titanium levels. This PSU will probably be the one I have for 10 more years and my old Corsair TX750 will be used for a second build if I ever need to. (Or I'll just get rid of it)

    System will be top spec on just about every mark but I assume I'll stick with a sub 150W TDP on my CPU. I don't think I'll be going thread ripper or anything of the sort because it just doesn't seem necessary for someone like myself. (I mostly do gaming) I'd like to consider overclocking again though. So, a 8700k or something near 5ghz wouldn't be a bad way to go with a new 1080Ti or something of the sort.

    Any thoughts on what to get? The Seasonic SSR-650TD caught my eye. I was looking at getting fanless but that's apparently going to be $200+ and huge.

    I'm looking for smaller PSUs right now because I'm probably going to stick with the Mini-ITX form factor as best as I can and I'd like to keep cases near that size. Obviously the SSR-650TD isn't very small but it is power efficient and likely to be low on heat production (important for the quiet and small form factor space).

    Thoughts on what to go with? Again, I don't swap out power supplies much ever at all. I'd like to keep this for 10+ years, if possible. Buy once and hopefully never again...
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    EVGA G3 or Seasonic Focus Plus (gold or platinum effeciency). They are smaller, have up to 10 year warranties, and have a fanless (eco) mode when running smaller loads.
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    Seasonic Prime titanium is pretty small.