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looking for help with my Android idea


Jan 6, 2002
I am not sure the best way to do what I'm trying to do. I bought an Android tablet + MicroSD and put all my music on it. I also bought a bluetooth audio remote to play/pause/skip tracks. But I realized with all the music I have it would be better to have a way to interact directly with the library for picking songs/playlists. I want to be able to control the music with the tablet out of sight in a backpack. My issue is I want something very small. Like 2 inches would be fine, just big enough so I can scroll thru the music/playlists and pick songs to play. I see there are apps that let you control an android device with another android device. My thing is finding a device, I don't need a phone but I'm not finding any Android or Bluetooth devices that are tiny and do what I"m looking for.

Small, touch screen and battery-powered's what I'm after. I see some 2.5" Android phones on Amazon but the specs are saying 64-128gb max for an sdcard. I'm wondering if anyone here maybe has another suggestion for how to pull this off?
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Aug 11, 2001
Are you intending to play the music through the tablet speaker or using headphones/earbuds? If the latter does it need to be a wireless connection?

If wired headphone use is acceptable, I'm thinking going old school would be the simplest option, to just get an MP3/etc audio player or as you already mentioned, a little old phone but then I wonder, can't you make due with 128GB? That's (roughly) 1000+ songs (far more if MP3 instead of FLAC) and if it has wifi access, potentially an infinitely larger # than that.

I'm not any kind of smartwatch guru so could be wrong but it seems like a smartwatch might be able to do this too if you don't need much in the way of a screen.