Looking for deals on PS One accessories


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Nov 17, 2000
I just recently acquired a modded ps one along with a buttload of games. I've got the ps one unit, 2 controllers, and an RF adapter. I found an s-video adapter cable for $9.99 at Target, anyone seen any better pricing? I've been a Dreamcast owner for a few years and the last gaming system I had before that was a Sega Genesis so I haven't been keeping track of what kind of neat accessories are out there for the Playstation.

Things I'd be interested in:
-Deals on LCD SCREEN FOR ps one (This is the main reason I got the ps one - wanted something small and portable for the kids to play with on long trips in the car)
-Wireless controllers
-Mpeg/VCD playback software?
-Memory cards
-Carrying cases
-A/V adapter cables
-Anything else that you may recommend