Looking for a Ti4200 with DVI VIVO and 128 megs and mpeg4.


Jul 31, 2000
I have been shopping i have found these on diffrent cards but not all on one card.


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Apr 15, 2002
:) Well 4200-128MB is obviously easy as is DVI as CRT+DVI+TVout is the most common configuration. VIVO shouldn't be hard to find and will almost always come in CRT+DVI+VIVO form. So really it's the Mpeg4 which is confusing me a little as all other factors shouldeasily be for-filled.

:eek: I wasn't under the impression that any GF4TI cards came with any significant kind of MPEG/DVD decoding hw, the GF4MX have hw DVD but nothing more. The Rad8500 does have hw DVD while the Rad9000 and 9700 extend this to a degree for all MPEG video streams. However I am under the impression if you want a GF4TI you will either have to let your CPU do the processing (no prob on any AMD/Intel CPU 600mhz+) or else buy a hw PCI card.

;) Can you expand upon the Mpeg4 reference?