Looking for a tetris game


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Nov 8, 2002
Good Day,

Once uppon a time, there was a tetris game someone gave me. It was a trial version, but it gave me quite some hour of fun.

I'm not talking about some simple clone of the classic tetris game. This one had lot's of modes for play, for example:

- Classic tetris game, with classic piece shapes;
- Classic tetris game, but with different piece shapes;
- 3D Tetris game, from top-down view (something like the classic double-blocks), like an in-depth tetris.

It had some more modes (I think), but these were the most important ones.

It also had some kind of 3D modeling, which gives it a "3D kind of view" game.

Also there was some text-based config file, where we could "change" the size of the grid, and the shape of the pieces ... that could bring us to create new tetris puzzles ...

I don't know how it was called, but I can't find it on google ... I mean, it must be there somewhere, but searching for tetris will bring lots of results ... I'll keep searching, but maybe someone out there knows which game I'm talking about ... :)