Question Looking for a new cooler (Ryzen 9 5900x)

Bunta F

Junior Member
Aug 26, 2023
Hello there everyone! I need some advice on choosing a new air cooler for my Ryzen 9 5900x. After doing some research, I've narrowed down my options to the Scythe Fuma3, DeepCool AK500 Digital, and the DeepCool Assassin 4. I've heard great things about each cooler, but I'm having a hard time deciding. Can anyone share their experiences or opinions on these coolers? I'm looking for efficient cooling performance and quiet operation. I want to try to avoid liquid cooling because of the added point of failure with the pump. I appreciate any insights or recommendations you can provide. Thanks in advance!

Tech Junky

Diamond Member
Jan 27, 2022
On the Intel side I use a se226 and it works great and would work on AMD as well. When looking into AMD options though I would be comfortable with a pa120. I use a graphite pad and swap the fans for Arctic p12 pwm pst fans though. The fans work well for both cooler and case. They run silent even under load. My Intel CPU at idle is in the low 20s and under load mid 50s.