Question Looking for a comfortable/ergonomic computer chair for my current setup (and neck/back pain)


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Aug 6, 2021
So I recently found a new computer desk I really like for having a keyboard tray, USB/Power Outlet, and just generally being pretty spacious and ergonomic.

Here are two pictures of what my current setup looks like now:

However, with my two current chairs (a kneeling chair and one *supposedly* good for my low back), trying different monitor positions, and chair heights... I always have issues with either my neck or low back tightening and getting pain.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions computer chairs that could work with my desk and my current neck/back pain issues.

Ideally I want a chair that has a good low back/butt cushion, chair height adjustment, and hopefully armrest adjustment.

I've just gotten burned by too many computer chairs that don't work out in the past. That's why I'm reaching out here for any ideas so I can actually find something that works for me.

Doesn't help I've had neck, shoulder, and back pain issues for quite a while, even before this current setup.

Budget? Honestly, I'll take anything at this point, but the more affordable the better.
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Sep 28, 2005
Have you considered a motorized desk for standing?

If my back needs a strech i have my desk grow taller with a memory button, and stand up for 30 min.
Then sit back down and have my desk lowered with another memory button.

As for chairs, you seem to have some nice chairs already, it would be very difficult for you get something better unless you spend $$$.

Like a Herman Miller:

But now were getting into super pricey executive chairs....


Jul 13, 2006
if your willing to spends the bucks you might try the humanscale Freedom Headrest model. ive used herman miller and other highend chairs and the freedom has been my personal favorite so far. You should be able to find them used similar price to the herman miller.