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Looking for 2 new soundbars


Nov 16, 2011
I am looking to replace my soundbar system since I am moving into my own place. I'm looking for two setups

I currently have a Sony HT-CT150 3.1

This my current setup

I have my TV going into the ARC port and there's 3 other ports one with my cable DVR, Nvidia Shield TV and the last one has a 4 port HDMI switch with other devices connected to that
I know it's hard to find this many ports on today's models so I can get away with ARC plus 2 HDMI if possible worst case scenario ARC plus 1 extra and I'll get a switch with more ports.

I need them to play Dolby Digital Plus and Atmos and I really need it to be good at leveling sound so louder sounds aren't louder than dialogue

Unlimited budget really for the first one that one will be used for movies, shows and I want to stream music to it if possible

The other one I'd like to keep it at $300-400 that one is for a bedroom and the only requirement besides needing to hook up the same device setup is also the Dolby Digital Plus and Atmos

Any help would be greatly appreciated!