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Question Lookging for Soundbar recommendations


Nov 16, 2011
I am looking to replace my soundbar system, I really don't want to but I need something that plays Dolby Digital Plus.
I currently have a Sony HT-CT150 3.1

I need something that is small though, it's for a bedroom and I don't have much space this one has a width of 31 1/2 inches I can fit maybe another half inch to an inch in my current spot where I prefer to keep it. If I do move it the only other space is about 36 inches in width

I know this limits my options as is

Also this is my current setup
I have my TV going into the ARC port and there's 3 other ports one with my cable DVR, Nvidia Shield TV and the last one has a 4 port HDMI switch with other devices connected to that
I know it's hard to find this many ports on today's models so I can get away with ARC plus 2 HDMI if possible worst case scenario ARC plus 1 extra and I'll get a switch with more ports.

I leave nightmode on all the time on the sub because of roommates so I don't need any earth shattering sounds, I care more about hearing dialogue clearly than loud action sounds. This is only for shows and movies no music.

Feature wise besides playing Dolby Digital Plus, as long as it works as good as my current one I'll be fine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!