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long story short: which game I can finish in the shortest amount of time


Mar 9, 2000
okay, here's the deal:

I had a gaming desktop 3 years ago and I sold it because I was moving out of state. I bought some PC games beforehand that I never played and they just have been sitting there. Ever since I sold the desktop, I got laptops as replacement, and they have been woefully underpower to play any FPS game.

now, an opportunity has arised.

my co-worker wanted to buy a desktop, and I helped her to purchase a low-end Dell C521. it has Nvidia 6130 onboard gfx and a dual core Athlon - which is vastly superior to my celeron laptop with intel GMAxxxx (whatever the fxxx the number is). My co-worker wants me to setup the computer to her liking, and I already told her it will take days before I can return it to her in a "bloatware" free condition. Beside, her 19" LCD monitor hasn't arrive yet so she is not in a rush to have her desktop back.

so, in the mean time, I have a "high end" desktop in front of me, and I want to use it.

so, which FPS game should I play?

edit: ah crap, the SS2 CD didn't work.... I guess it's down to 2 now