Logitech Z Cinema 2.1 Speaker System for $114.99 Shipped After Rebate


Senior member
Feb 12, 2005
I got one the last time Buy.com had the same deal. To tell the truth, I am not impressed at all with its performance. The spec may look good, but the sound is unimpressive--way behind Logitech's own Z-2300. Bass is weak, treble muffled and volume is also very limited (I listen mostly to new age, and easy listening at moderate levels). Since it relys on USB connection, the soundcard is bypassed and not needed at all. Also the material and build quality just don't match Logitech's Z-2300 and Z-5500. I have bought many Logitech speakers, I think this one is a dud, even at the after-rebate price. The sound quality is a little better than Z-4 at best. O, it also gives off a loud high-pitch whine during PC bootup if you forgot to turn it off before (the noise stops after the pc boots into Windows).