Logitech G940 system and games


Feb 14, 2006
Recently picked up the G940 and am looking for games other than Flight Simulator X to play. Anyone have recommendations?


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Feb 23, 2007
Space Sims: X2, X3, the open source Freespace 2 project (more arcade than sim like the X series). You can also toss in Independence War 1/2. Note the X series tends to have a learning curve that resembles a cliff face moreso than a curve. But, if you dig into the sticky on the forums there's TONS of good info to get you up to speed. Freespace 2 is an easy pickup and play as it's 100% story driven and doesn't have a real physics engine, I don't think. IWar tends to be about in the middle -- it still has sim-like features such as a Newtonian physics engine, subsystem/location specific damage model, etc; but doesn't have that huge freeform industrial economic and universe mechanic that the X series has. It's very story driven and the tutorial helps ease you in. X3 just kinda plops you into the world (even in the story mode) and says "good luck."

IL-2 Series for WW2 airplane simulation action. About the only WW2 plane simulation out there, but thankfully it's excellent. You can usually find IL-2 gold or the complete set for pretty cheap. There's some more arcade-oriented WW2 airplane games out there, but I don't think they'll really take full advantage of a HOTAS setup.

Falcon series if you want a die-hard simulation. It only has the F-16 to fly, but it's the closest you're going to get to an actual F-16 outside of piloting one. The developers actually got sim and cockpit time and had current/former F-16 pilots helping all along the way. I think the flight ops portion of the manual was written by an F-16 pilot. Speaking of which, you'll probably need to read all 600-800 pages of the manual. At least, I think that's how long it was in Falcon 4.0.

Lock On Modern Air Combat (aka LOMAC) for more variety when it comes to modern military aircraft sims. Greater variety of things to fly and more approachable than Falcon. I haven't played this one much -- the company screwed up the DRM on one of the disks in LOMAC gold, so I couldn't install the game till they sent me a replacement. By that time I kinda lost interest so haven't played it much since. What I played was good, and the things I've heard since put it in high regard.


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Oct 17, 2010
I mainly use my G940 for LOMAC: Flaming Cliffs 2. Works great, as long as you just install the drivers and use the game's control set up system. I pretty much avoid Logitech's software when I can as I just get confused over what keyboard button is being emulated by whichever button on the joystick or throttle.