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Logical Journey of the Zoombinis...


Oct 10, 2006
So I ran across the LJotZ disk. Played this thing throughout elementary school on a Windows 3.1 and 98 rig. So for nostalgia's sake I decided to install it on my WinXP laptop. It installs fine, installs Quicktime 2.1 fine, and everything looks good until I launch the program. I get a "This Program Requires Quicktime 2.1" message. Obviously it's a detection issue. I got sucked into the challenge, and as a result I have opened practically every file installed and on the CD in notepad (of which only a minority were readable and apparently had nothing to do with the problem), scoured google and installed/uninstalled several versions of quicktime; not to mention the amount of reboots I've gone through. I even tried compatibility mode.

So now I'm bringing it to AT :p

Any ideas?

Note: This is the old-skool Broderbund version that uses quicktime, as opposed to "The Learning Company"'s version which uses DirectX has full compatibility with XP. :p