Little Trump Eric making money for the Trump's Empire


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Apr 22, 2001
federal workers can not pay mortgage next week. Little Trump Eric (Dracula) is doing business in Uruguay building a Tower for the Trump empire. It works wonderful for the family, they travel with US secret service paid from American taxpayers. I guess the Fox news miss it, the Uruguay newspaper, El Pais got a interview with the Trumps
Jul 12, 2006
They're involved in a private project? OH MY GOD...
Ss has to travel with them, unpaid, to support them while they enrich themselves. On top of this gross abuse of power, ,it's actually more staggering that you don't give a single shit that this, of all things, is clearly yet another example of daddy don don keeping himself thoroughly involved in the family business (never ever separated himself from current ongoing profits), all at the government expense--your expense.

Oh wait, these guys aren't being paid, even for the "honor" of protecting the piece of shit Uday (or is Eric, Qusay? I forget).

You are the worst version of humanity, slow
Jul 15, 2003
thats nothing compared to Melanias shopping trips in New York. She travels more than everyone else.
Jul 15, 2003
They're involved in a private project? OH MY GOD...
Republican politicians and conservative Americans wanted to crucify the Clintons for their Whitewater business dealings.
When Donald and Family were exposed for using their charity as a cash-machine nobody made a peep.

The hypocrisy is more annoying than anything else here. Donald is throwing a tantrum because people didn't give him money for his border wall.
He never bothered to look for 5 billion in the budget because that would take effort or math skills. He never offered any deals or compromises. He promised he wouldn't blame democrats for the shutdown and then immediately blamed democrats for the shutdown.

If he took that 5 billion and gave it to the poorest state in the Union he could completely turn around their public education system. He doesnt need a wall. He doesnt even really want a wall. He wants a Win. He wants to look good. He needs he ego stoked because thats what he loves most. He hasnt been getting constant ego stoking since his first year and that makes him angry.


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Feb 24, 2009
To paraphrase Roger Stone, Eric will be getting his turn in the barrel pretty soon.