LiteOn 24x10x40x CDRW IS SLOW


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Feb 11, 2001
I am experiencing major issues with this Drive... I have both of them on the same [IDE2] Channel.. although it says 16x but when timed it is actually 15 mins it takes to burn a CD..... any ideas ? I have optimized everything I hope.... Win2k, SP2, DMA On, Defrag, master & Slave, etc... If I am going to split it to 2 Different Channels how is that possible ?? The 2 HD Drives are at the bottom of this Antec 830 Case and 2 CDRW on near the top... Where can I find cables to stretch from the top to near the bottom of ths Hard Drives and then to the IDE 1 or 2 ? Suggestions ?


Aug 16, 2001
Your burnproof is kicking in if it takes 15 minutes. What kind of motheboard, which program are using?
check ur ACPI layer and make sure u install 4 in 1 driver if its Via chip motherboard. If its intel remove the IDE drivers.
For some reason with Intel IDE driver its hard to burn over 12x. Your configuration is fine because you never put cd and hard drive in a same IDE.


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Oct 9, 1999
I burned my first CD's last night with this drive and I didn't experience any speed problems. In fact, using Nero 5.5, I burned at 24X using 16X Memorex blanks.

I'm set up as follows:

Primary Master: Maxtor 46.1GB 7200rpm, ATA/100 HDD
Primary Slave: BTC 16X/48X DVD/CD-ROM
Secondary Master: Lite-On 24X/10X/40X

dvdman3: I put my HDD in a 5 1/4-inch bay between my DVD/CD-ROM and CD-RW. That way you can use a standard IDE cable.

Check the link to My Rigs for the rest of my components.