List some movies you've watched recently. Theatre, rental, TV...

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Nov 30, 2005

I'll start (duh):

The Illusionist: 7/10 Ed Norton good as usual and Biel didn't ruin it like I thought she would.

Never Been Kissed: 4/10 Not my choice, but it came on TV, so we ended up watching it. Lame and predictable. Would have a lower score if I didn't like Drew so much.

Airheads: 2/10 Horrible, horrible movie. Can't believe Buscemi did this POS.

I've been busy with work, so that's all I have. Will be seeing The Prestige tonight and Tropic Thunder this weekend.

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child of wonder

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Aug 31, 2006
The Bucket List - 8/10 Not an extraordinary movie but something worthwhile to sit down and watch with the wife/gf.


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Oct 28, 1999
The Shawshank Redemption - 10/10 in my book! Morgan Freedman and Tim Robbins were stellar! Well directed and acted movie!


Nov 27, 2007
bourne identity: 8/10
bourne supremacy: 8/10
rabbit-proof fence: 1/10 - yes its true yes its touching yes its sad - but as a movie it is boring as fuck


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Aug 6, 2001
The Dark Knight: 7/10 I think the theater had the volume up about 10db too high which actually made several parts of the film irritating to watch which may have soured my take on the film a bit. I was expecting an amazing movie from the reviews I had seen, but I didn't like this one as much as Batman Begins. It seemed too long, as if they tried to fit 1.5 movies into this one.

Alien vs. Hunter: 1/10 Worst movie I've ever seen. I wanted to have a definitive answer to the question of worst movie, so I got this one which had the lowest IMDB rating (1.5) that I could find on netflix. The Apocalypse is lower now, so I'll see if that's actually worse eventually when I get around to watching it. As for Alien vs. Hunter, it certainly showed that they spent 12 days making the film and most of the scenes were only done in 1 take. Continuity issues were everywhere and I was actually hoping more of the characters would die. I think the best ending would have been Ripley's suggestion from a certain 1986 film.


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Jun 5, 2007
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

8/10. Interesting movie. Great acting. Johnny Depp is awesome. Story lacked substance, though. Ending sucked.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

9/10. Excellent movie. Good plot. Perfect Ending.

There Will Be Blood

?/10. I was too sleepy to pay attention. Not that the movie was boring. I was just very tired.


2/10. What a piece of crap. Story was so unbelievably stupid. Supposed to be scary or disturbing. I just laughed at 'ow bad it was.

Tonight's Movie: Clerks



Sep 10, 2001
on my flight to croatia i watched:

21 - 7/10. kevin spacey plays an excellent role. enjoyed watching this flick

bank job - 9/10. i really enjoyed this one. finally a bank heist movie without too much nonsense unrealistic action aimed at keeping the ADD crowd complacent


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Feb 17, 2005
The Bourne Identity - I fell asleep (gf said, "you never saw TBI!!!?!?!, MUST RENT NOW!") 3/10
The Dark Knight - First hour of acting and dialogue were OK, impossible to turn off the reality sensors for comic book movies though, Ledger was pretty good, I will give this POS that. 4/10 (only because it was filmed in Chicago)
The Deer Hunter - Very much a 1970s style film, but in that vein, an AWESOME one (FUCK IT!). 9/10
Caddyshack - 11ty billionth viewing! Still 10/10 ...buh buh buy Bushwood! Caddying, (yes I was a pro jock) at the same places Brian Doyle Murry worked gives me a special insider's nostalgia for this flick. I am biased.
Farewell My Concubine - Simply a perfect film. 10/10
21 - Atrocious bastardization of Taking Down the House. Cracked had this right when they said Kevin Spacey was phoning it in. Filmed by donkies... 0/10
Bucket List - Sad funny like Terms of Endearment, which was far superior. I think Morgan Freeman an was phoning it in here too. People love him, but he is the same character in every film I have seen him in except DMD. 4/10
Sex and the City: The Movie - Wrapped up all the loose ends for the excellent series. She finally married Big. Absolute must see chick flick! 6/10
Cruel Intentions - Fun, but I liked it better when I saw it the first time and it was called Dangerous Liaisons. About the only really nice thing in the film is Ryan Phillipe aping John Malkovich. 5/10
Little Miss Sunshine - WILDLY OVERRATED! RUN! 2/10


Dec 7, 2004
Fellowship of the Ring - With the exception of every scene with Arwen, almost the awesomest movie of all time. The Arwen scenes only take up maybe 10 minutes of the three hour movie, so I will only give it 13/10 instead of 15.

Return of the King (Director's Cut) - The definitive awesomest movie of all time. The fight with Sam/Shelob, the Mouth of Sauron, the confrontation between Gandalf and the Witch King. What else is there to say? 15/10


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Feb 22, 2005
Virgin Territory - Hayden Christianson's BEST movie ever. For about half of it he's pretending to be deaf and dumb, so he doesn't even talk! Plus there's a half dozen naked hot nuns at various points, so that's pretty decent too. Oh, and Tim Roth is in it too, for whatever reason. That girl Mischa Barton (?) from the OC is in it too, she kind of ruins the whole thing though as she's not nearly as hot as the nuns, and she doesn't even take her top off. 2/10 just for that insult.


Nov 27, 2001
Umm let's see what I've seen recently...

Tropic Thunder - 7.5/10. Felt a little slow at first and didn't provide a ton of laughs, but I still found it fun overall. Still love RDJ's lines at the end. What kind of ruined it for me is that some of the scenes were just fucking weird... like if they asked me what to cut, it would've been some of the parts with Tom Cruise's character (like with him dancing). It felt like they were delving into Will Ferrell-esque antics just making characters do weird shit "because they're weird."

Step Brothers - 5.5/10. For a pure comedy movie, I didn't think it put forth too many laughs. It's more of the typical outlandish situations/sayings that are common in Ferrell movies.

The Promotion - 5/10. It wasn't a bad movie, but for a comedy... it really has no laughs... at all. Ignoring the no laughs, I didn't horribly mind watching it, as part of the "fun" was seeing what would happen next between Sean William Scott and umm that dude from Step Brothers (the other one).

Postal - 7/10. I think I might get flamed for this one, but frankly, for a movie made off a game that is supposed to make you go "WTF!?" this movie did a good job (as there are quite a few "WTF!?" moments in it). Even though it's an Uwe Boll film, it might be the best one he's made... especially since you get to watch him get shot in the nuts, which is like a nice refreshing moment. Although, I don't know if I can claim it's his best since I never saw Dungeon Siege, which people usually say wasn't horrible but not great.


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Sep 4, 2003
Death Race: 5/10 (Good mindless fun!)

X-Files: 7/10 (it's for the 'Shippers)

Dark Knight: 7/10 (Ledger excellent, movie was so-so)

Bank Job: 8/10 (Must see!)

Chaos: 4/10 (Almost predictable)

Shoot 'Em Up: 1/10 (So bad that we stopped halfway through)

Sexy Beast: 7/10 -Watch this with subtitles :p

Snatch and Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels: 8/10 each (It was Guy Ritchie night--awesome flicks.)

Revolver: 7/10 (Another Ritchie flick)


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Jul 19, 2001
Griffin & Phoenix: good/depressing chick flick 8/10
21: basically what I expected, nothing really exciting going on here except for Bosworth who's hot 6/10
Hellboy 2: didn't catch my attention, fell asleep about half way through 6/10


May 29, 2003
Sunshine 7.5/10 - I enjoyed it even though there's a lot of hate for it on this forum.


Feb 5, 2001
Tropic Thunder -7, a bit too long and needed some stuff cut but has some funny parts, I liked the opening a lot
Sunshine -5.5, was ok, pretty run of the mill space station type movie.
Secretary -5.5, the two main characters were a bit out there, especially the guy, I think I liked it due to how weird he was alone
Full Metal Jacket -8.5, great movie, the opening always makes me laugh till I cry almost. I do tend to get a bit bored at the end though when they are in nam
Outpost -7.5, I liked the idea behind it and found that interesting
UnderSeige -7, sure don't care for Steven but I do like this movie
The Patriot -1, just boring horrible crap
Crimson Tide -8, good movie, I love submarine movies
Hellboy 2 -4, barely better then the first one, only thing that saved it was creature designs
Mummy 3 -2, fucking turd, I enjoyed the first two mummy movies as nothing more then mindless action/adventure flicks but this one ugh, horrible
Contact -5, I just kinda dig this movies, it was a bit long though
The Arrival -3, eh over all
X files (first one) -5, I like the story though execution could be better
X Files (second new one) -1, fuckin sucked, physics give me a freaking break, though it was cool that they used that russian two headed dog experiment footage
Panic Room - 5, nothing special but I liked the idea and the fact the house is CG is bonus to me since they did an great job.
Deepstar Six -1, crappy wannabe underwater horror flick
The Abyss -5, what deepstar was trying to copy but failed
Vantage Point -5, got a bit bored with it cause of the amount of repeating the same stuff, a bit more then what was needed imo
Fracture -8.5, awesome movie, really liked how he had set everything up, the only part that I didn't buy was the gun deal.

Watch a bunch others but those are what I can remember right now. I usually watch two movies a day


Oct 9, 2001
In Bruges - 9/10; enjoyed this movie a great deal

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 5/10; okay, had a few funny moments but overall not very interesting

The Other Boleyn Girl - 7/10; decent flick worth the watch

The Water Horse - 6/10; good enough to watch with the kids

Speed Racer - 0/10; this movie just sucked, no entertainment value at all, in fact painful to watch

Hancock - 6/10; so-so movie but I'm still a fan of Will Smith movies so it was mildly entertaining


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Apr 1, 2004
In Bruges - 8/10 Very good movie, Never heard of it till I saw it on Netflix, very pleasant surprise.

Dark Knight - 8/10 Another very good movie, but not quite up to the hype of "the best of all time" talk. Ledger was great as the Joker.

Dawn Of the Dead - 3/10 saw this on TV the other day, the remake not the original. Very cheesy and just not good.


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Oct 11, 1999
Originally posted by: Mermaidman

Sexy Beast: 7/10 -Watch this with subtitles :p

I saw this when originally released but enjoyed it all over again a few nights ago in HD. Sir Ben is particularly phenom. No subs requir'd.


Oct 10, 1999
Assembly (AKA Ji jie hao) - 9/10. Movie set in Chinese Civil war after WW2. Acting was excellent. Movie was VERY well made. Story was strong, but could have been stronger.

Meatball Machine - 7/10 Over the top violence. Awesome Jhorror splatterfest.

WALL-E - 9/10 Autopilot reminded me of HAL9000. WallE reminded me of #5 from Short Circuit. Very strong movie, lots of laughs. Highly recommended for all ages.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters - 10/10. I would rate this as good as the TV show. The TV show is my absolute favorite.


Jan 2, 2001
Witless Protection -- ? Fell asleep during the last third last night, will finish it up tonight.


Jul 29, 2001
I just saw two of the Babylon 5 movies.

A Call To Arms 5.5/10 - Meh, it was alright, but it was pretty predicable and there were some cheeseball lines.

In the Beginning 7/10 - A pretty good movie actually. If you like Babylon 5 and have seen the series this movie is worth it as it basically just tells the story of the Menbari war.


Nov 27, 2001
Originally posted by: jjones
Speed Racer - 0/10; this movie just sucked, no entertainment value at all, in fact painful to watch

Really? I liked it and plan on buying it on Blu-Ray in September :eek:. Although, I do think a couple scenes should've been cut out as I've mentioned in other threads.

I didn't see it recently, but I think I'd give it a... 7/10? I don't know the original to really assess how well it does, but I've read some commentary that suggests the Speed Racer character in it is a bit more aggressive... especially at the end.

EDIT: Also, to add in... it seems the idea of it being a kids movie was forced in by a couple of those scenes that I'd rather see removed. They swear in the movie, which isn't really mentioned anywhere. I believe only two or three times, mostly near the end.
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