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Question Linksys wrt54g and sonicwall tz170


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Feb 18, 2011
So we're in the process of moving offices, my boss pulls out a wrt54g and sonicwall tz170, both wireless g. He was actually trying to re-use it at the new office.. I told him, those are for recycling at staples..

Comcast already gave us an AC router.. why would you want to go backwards 15 years ?


Aug 25, 2001
Seriously? A WRT54G? In *this* day and age? That's like... owning and using an i386 PC. Yeah, sure, it's still "Intel inside"... but still. :(

I found out something neat with the WRT54G units, they supported "Lazy WDS".

I picked up a Motorola WR850G (same Broadcom hardware platform, only one antenna), of all places, at a Target B&M marked down as clearance open-box. One of the happiest days of tech-hunting in my life. Found out about the 5.x firmware beta, and put the WRT54G's wireless MAC address into the WDS tab, and voila! Router-to-router wireless-G link!

Now I could boot Linux, and not worry about wifi drivers and NDISwrapper garbage, and just use my mobo's stock Realtek ethernet jack, plugged into my Motorola router, while the WRT54G was plugged into the DSL modem.

It was glorious! I had discovered the "joys of WDS mode" in wifi. Like an early type of Mesh (sort-of) networking.
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