Question lg oled 48" powers off during sleep.


Nov 10, 2007
I have two monitors, a dp connected unit and a hdmi connected LG 48" tv.
Sleep and wake operate normally up to a point. The LG will display a usual "no input" message and screen saver for a
while, then enter sleep mode.
Wake operates normally if requested soon.
The problem comes if Sleep is requested for a longer time, like over-nite.
In the morning, the LG does not activate, it seems that it has fully powered off.
The fix is to power the lg on and it wakes up. A curiosity is that panels that normally reside on the side monitor, like email, now appear on the lg.
I do not know exactly how long it takes to transition from the sleep low power state to a full power off.
I can find no setting to disable a full power off or to set how long it takes.


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Jun 24, 2004
Sleep causes weird issues with these TVs. I just turn it off with the remote before I put the computer on sleep. Otherwise, there is sometimes no signal after a wake from sleep unless I reboot the PC. I think it has something to do with either Windows or the UEFI BIOS and how it handles HDMI output, not the TV. It also happens more often if there are multiple displays plugged in, including VR headsets.